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Preserving Historical, Cultural and Environmental Resources.
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Watershed Resources


Stewardship and Education

- Blackwater River Watershed Master Plan (2010)

- "Along the Blackwater River: An Environmental Curriculum Grade Level K-12" (1992)

- "Tributaries of the Blackwater River K-12" (1995)

Urban Forestry Information Series (Video)

Funded in part through Urban and Community Forestry grant funds from the U.S. Forest Service.

Planting a Tree

- How to properly plant a tree (2011)

Pruning a Tree

- Pruning Program Objectives (2011)

- Proper Use of Pruning Tools (2011)

- How to Properly Prune Trees (3-cut method) (2011)

- Making Good Pruning Cuts & Types of Pruning Cuts (2011)

Wind Resistant Trees and Hurricane Tree Preparation

- Recognizing Structural Issues (2011)

- Wind Resistant Tress for Florida: Sand Live Oak (2011)

- Wind Resistant Trees for Florida: Southern Live Oak (2011)

- Wind Resistant Trees for Florida: Southern Magnolia (2011)

- Selecting Wind Resistant Trees in Northwest Florida (2011)

Various Publications

- Establishing a Wind-Resistant Urban Forest (UF/IFAS, 2010)

- Wind and Trees: What Trees are best and worst in the Florida Panhandle (UF/IFAS,1997)

- Urban Forestry Publications (UF/IFAS)

Environmental Reports and Studies

- Ecological and Morphological Significance of Old Growth Deadhead Logs in the Blackwater River (1999)

- EcoSummary - Blackwater River below Kennedy Bridge Road (2005)

- EcoSummary - Collins Mill Creek at Broad Street, Milton (1996)

- EcoSummary - Manning Creek Hwy 87, Santa Rosa County (1998)

- EcoSummary - Pond Creek Arcadia Mill, Santa Rosa County (2002)

- EcoSummary - Whiting Field Branch East of State Road 87 above Clear Creek (2003)

- EcoSummary Blackwater River below Peaden Bridge Road (2005)

- EcoSummary Manning Creek below Whitfield Road near Berrydale, Santa Rosa County (1999)

- Fecal Coliform TMDL -Blackwater River Watershed - includes five tributaries (2001)

- Fecal Coliform TMDL for Downstream Segment of Blackwater River (2001)

- Survey of Blackwater, Yellow and Shoal Rivers (1980-81)

- Siltation and lack of log habitat hurting fishing on Yellow and Blackwater Rivers (1967)

- Bay Area Resource Council (BARC) Scientific Documentation

- Historical and Biological Aspects of the Blackwater River in NW Florida

- An Assessment of Fecal Contamination of Coldwater and Pond Creeks 

- Survey of Emergent and Submerged Vegetation Along the Bagdad Waterfront (2007)

- An Environmental Report on the Blackwater River Drainage Basin in Southern Alabama and NW Florida (1979)

- Chemical and Physical Aspects of the Blackwater River in NW Florida (1973)

Local and Regional Policy

- West Florida Regional Planning Council Strategic Regional Policy Plan (SRPP) Goals, Objectives and Policies (1996)

- Santa Rosa County Land Development Code: Coastal Management/Conservation

- Santa Rosa County Comprehensive Plan (link)

- City of Milton Comprehensive Plan: Conservation Element

- City of Milton Comprehensive Plan: Sanitary Sewer, Solid Waster, Drainage, Potable Water and Natural Groundwater Aquifer Recharge Sub-Elements

- City of Milton LDRs and Comprehensive Plan (link)

- City of Milton Amendment to Land Development Regulations regarding Erosion & Sedimentation Control

- City of Milton Amendment to LDC Section IV-1.2 to include definitions of wetland and types of buffers, relating to buffers

- City of Milton Stormwater Utility

- Pensacola Bay Watershed Management Plan

- Blackwater River State Forest Management Plan

Archaeological Surveys and Studies

- Archaeological Investigations of Blackwater River Drainage (1991)

- Bethune Blackwater Schooner National Register Nomination (1991)

- Life in the Company Town: Bay Point Mill Company and Pinewood, Florida (MA Thesis: 2001)

- Hook, Line, and Sinker: Historical and Archaeological Investigations of the Snapper Wreck (MA Thesis: 2004)

- The History and Archaeology of Ship Abandonment at Shields Point (MA Thesis: 2007)

- Harbor Kings: An Analysis of Shields Point Wreck Using a World Systems Perspective (MA Thesis: 2008)

Maps and Shape Files

- Santa Rosa County Land Use Maps for the Blackwater River Watershed (shape files)

- Blackwater River Management Area (NWFL Water Management Area)

Other Resources and Useful Links

- A Guide to Understanding & Protecting the Blackwater River Watershed (The Nature Conservancy)

- Assessing Damage and Restoring Trees After a Hurricane
- Water Purification 
- What is an Outstanding Florida Water?

- Article: Enhanced Water Quality Protection in Florida: An Analysis of the Regulatory and Practical Significance of an Outstanding Florida Water Designation

- Florida's Aquatic Preserve
- Yellow River Marsh Aquatic Preserve

This onlne resource library was created by the Blackwater River Watershed Stewardship committee, a collaborative group of stakeholders and stewards who work to promote stewardship and education throughout the Blackwater watershed, by: 1) Identifying issues; 2) Developing sustainable solutions; and 3) Protecting and restoring the natural systems of the watershed so ecological, cultural, and economic integrity will be preserved for future generations.